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These things can happen so fast. 

A comment or a look that sends us straight back to being a lonely 7 year old getting picked on at school.

A well-meaning touch that doesn’t feel quite right in our bodies and suddenly we’re spewing anger way out of proportion for what’s here today.

These things can happen slowly, too.

A client we signed a contract with even though we had doubts, and now it’s 18 months later and the project still hasn’t kicked off.

A breakup that’s unfurling itself through an achy, endless heartache season.

The things are all around us, every day.

These things are the things of life: challenges, obstacles.

You might even call them problems.

Or, you might call them AFGO: Another Fabulous Growth Opportunity.

Actually, you might not use the word “fabulous” there. 

You might let yourself feel the hurt of it, the frustration of not getting what you want, of still struggling with that thing after so much work.

You might let yourself be simultaneously angry and open to grace.

In cases like that, you might sigh and say with resignation, “Another f*cking growth opportunity.”

Either way — f*cking or fabulous — you are labeling the thing with a reminder: This too can have value.

I don’t have to like it, but I can learn to use it.

To growth,


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