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Always Be Scheduled

Here’s a simple, life-changing rule: Don’t let a client or prospect (or friend!) get off the phone without knowing when you’re going to talk to them next.

It could be a 15-minute check-in call in 90 days as you close a project.

It could be a meeting 2 days from now to review a proposal (live).

It could be the approval call for the deliverable you’re working on.

It could be your next coaching appointment.

It doesn’t matter what the next meeting is.

It matters that it exists.

Being scheduled lets you keep the momentum and the relationship alive.

Keeping the relationship alive is the best way to keep doing business together.

I’ve seen it in my own life: I worked for a while with an ayurvedic coach I LOVED. 

I never *chose* to stop seeing her. 

We just never scheduled another appointment… and that was that.

If I’d had something on the calendar, she’d still be getting my business.

Give this a shot on your next call with a client or prospect. Let me know how it goes. (Also: Shoutout to Erika Bryant who taught me this rule.)

PS – This season I’m focusing especially on helping people write homepages with a clear, compelling message. Know anyone who needs that? Send ‘em my way.

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