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Be a Lighthouse

I’m on a retreat this week, so I’m going to let Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez, authors of the 2001 book “Attracting Perfect Customers,” take the lead today. 

Because I LOVE this metaphor:

“Imagine a lighthouse standing strong and tall on the rocky shore of a beautiful harbor.

The water is calm, the sky is blue, and many boats are out at sea.

But off in the distance, a storm cloud is forming.

It approaches the shore very quickly.

The sky is getting darker, the waves are getting rougher, and many of the boats are being tossed about on the water.

As the rain and wind pick up strength, the power of the beam of light emanating from the lighthouse increases.

The darker the skies become, the brighter the light shines to provide safety and security in the midst of the storm.

Notice that not all of the boats need this beam of light to guide them to safety.

Some have more confident captains and crews, and some are fully equipped to manage through storms safely and effectively.

Now imagine that the lighthouse gets upset because some of the boats are choosing to follow their own path.

The lighthouse feels that it is not successful if its light is not guiding all of the boats in the sea.

It sprouts arms and legs and runs up and down the beach acting like a searchlight, doing its best to catch the attention of all the boat captains, attempting to encourage more of them to depend on its light.

What do you think would be the result?

Most likely, the boats whose captains were depending on a steady, constant stream of light to guide them safely around potential dangers would be damaged or destroyed in the chaos and confusion.

Other boats might be scared dangerously close to shore so those on board could get a better look at the spectacle.

Still others would be perfectly content to stay where they are — out at sea, relying on their own navigational equipment.

The result: very few boats would be served well or at all by the lighthouse.

Here’s the test.

How often are you, your employees, and your coworkers operating like lighthouses standing securely on the shore, attracting and safely guiding the boats (customers) that need your business with your light?

How often do you run up and down the beach frantically looking for boats (customers) to serve?

Perfect customers are most likely to find you when you are standing still.

It takes a lot of energy to look for people to serve….

Your responsibility is to stand still and keep shining your own distinctive light, to keep polishing the lens to ensure that your light has the power and brilliance to break through the darkness and attract the attention of only perfect customers.”

Are you willing to stand still and shine?

To know what you offer, and for who, and not try to chase anyone else?

I highly advise you try it.

Be a lighthouse.

Your people will come.

Firmly yours,


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