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Be The Guide

“The problem must become big, bright, and clear if you want people to get excited by the solution.” -Daniel

Who’s the most powerful good-guy character in Star Wars?

I’d argue it’s Yoda.

And in Harry Potter? 


What about in The Chronicles of Narnia?

Aslan, hands down.

Take note, my friends: The characters with the most power in these stories are NOT the heroes (aka the main characters). 

A classic story is (always, by definition) about the hero’s quest to become powerful.

Throughout most of the tale, though, the hero is a naive, bumbling mess. 

They face challenge after challenge to grow into their power. 

They’re not yet the better version of themselves we all hope they’ll become.

The GUIDE, though, comes on the scene with wisdom, strength, and experience blazing.

They’ve already learned from their hard knocks.

They’re ready to help the hero succeed. 

They don’t need any glory for themselves. 

They’re ready to SERVE with their experience, empathy, and authority.

And man are we glad to see them. 

As a business, in your marketing? 

Leave the heroics to your customers. 


Be the guide.

PS – Wondering HOW, exactly, you make that shift? “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller is all about answering that question. Hit reply and I’ll send you a free copy.

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