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Big Leap Year

Ok team, I’m phoning it in this week.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll understand why.

But I don’t want to leave you fully without some magic today, so here’s a new book I’ve been loving: Your Big Leap Year, by Gay Hendricks.

I’ve written before (and talk a lot) about Zone of Genius — that stuff you’re so naturally great and gifted at that it doesn’t feel like work, you’d do it for fun, and time disappears as you do it.

If you want a life of integrity and full aliveness, you best put attention on getting out of your zones of excellence, competence, and incompetence and spending more time in your Zone of Genius. 

This can be tricky, though. 

Because as you lean more and more in your genius, you’ll run smack into your Upper Limits, which tend to try to keep you in the familiar — making sure you’re not too happy, not too big, not too shiny.

These ideas all come from Gay. 

And this spring, he released a new book with very simple, manageable, fun daily practices to help you live more and more in your Zone of Genius.

I’m on day 34 and I’m really enjoying it. 

Most of the exercises take about 2 minutes.

And like most truly worthwhile things, moving into your Zone of Genius IS a practice.

So it’s great to have these nibbles to keep me moving with it.

There you have it, folks: Your Big Leap Year.

Go get it. 

Then go get ‘em.

Ingeniously yours,


PS – Any books you’re loving right now? Hit reply and lmk; I might share your recs with everyone next week. Or I might not. No promises for a while.

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