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Black Friday

All the sales, all the offers, all the deals, all the leftovers… 

It’s enough to drive a person to distraction.

And what happens when we let the sparkly shiny FOMO of right now overtake us?

Sometimes, a killer deal and a great value.

Sometimes, a scattering of energy that destroys our focus on what really matters. 

I’m going to tell you about some marketing-related Black Friday deals. 

But first I’m going to give you some tools for better decision-making, to help you know clearly whether you should invest in them or not.

These tools apply anytime, not just today. 

I hope they’re useful.

  • Tool #1: The “Should I Buy This?” Reflection Worksheet  – Use these reflection questions to avoid shiny object syndrome and help you get clear on whether a purchase is in alignment for you or not.
  • Tool #2: The Decision GridI wrote about this simple decision-making tool a couple years ago. I love it, and use it all the time for tough decisions. 
  • Tool #3: The “Should I Buy This?” Flowchart – For the visual among us…. Follow the prompts to decide if it’s better to Go For It or Let It Go

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The Offers

Ok now that we’ve got that good foundation laid, here are a few cool marketing-related Black Friday deals happening right now that I’d love to share with you. 

I get affiliate commissions for some of them and not others (I’ll make it clear). 

I absolutely think all of them are great offers, or I wouldn’t be sharing them.


For coaches looking to serve clients better without being chained to the Zoom screen: I completed the Scalable Coach Method course last month and found it opened a whole new world of possibility in my business. Julie Chenell of Funnel Gorgeous dishes on the ins and outs (mindset and details) of how she uses Voxer to deliver high-quality asynchronous coaching to up to 100 clients at a time. This course is extra valuable if you use their FG Funnels CRM platform, because it includes some workflows, but the mindset shift and marketing language alone were worth the price to me. And you can consume the lessons via a private podcast feed on the go, which helped me actually DO it. Regularly $997,  now $698 through Monday. (Affiliate link)

For people selling stuff online: Offer Cure is a really smart framework to create irresistible offers, especially for digital products like courses or ebooks. It also works for memberships, coaching, services, etc. The class is short, clear, and packed with really valuable information. You can get through it in an afternoon. This is literally the highest-value online course I’ve ever bought. I wrote a whole newsletter about it once. 

Regularly a steal at $37, now only $26! (Affiliate link)

For anyone wanting top-notch marketing education: I talk about Funnel Gorgeous a lot. I’ve been in many of their courses and I know the marketing they teach works — ethically. They’ve got a whole Black Friday catalog going on now besides the two offers above I felt called to highlight. The sale includes classes about running ads, creating courses, running online challenges, running free workshops, and more. See all their offers here. (Affiliate link)

For culture makers wanting to make money and justice: All self-study courses from Kelly Diels are 50% off right now. I love her radical, thoughtful point of view on pricing, copywriting, email marketing, and more. (I get no commission here, I just love her.)

For new small  business owners wanting practical help with the nuts and bolts: Business Made Simple University is always a good deal, but it’s on sale the next few days for even less. These excellent self-study courses from the makers of StoryBrand include help  on creating your mission statement, messaging, marketing basics, managing cash flow, productivity, and more. It’s on sale already, and on bigger sale on Monday (but I won’t remind you!)

Regularly $275 for a year, now $175 with promo code BLACKFRIDAY2023, and $137.50 on Monday with promo code CYBER2023 (Affiliate link)


Phew, ok! I hope you’re able to make good decisions and that this Black Friday edition helps bring you aligned success in the year to come.

Shiny and yours,

PS – The Offer Cure and Business Made Simple University are great even if you’re just getting started. Highly recommend.

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