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Body of Work

Raise your hand if you love–hate (or just hate) social media. 🙋‍♀️

Posting is exhausting.

The algorithms are annoying, manipulative, and ever-changing.

I’ve talked to so many people who feel obligated to feed the machine….

….and at the same time resent feeling like a hamster on an endless content wheel.

I get it. 

And yet.

I think part of the problem is that too many of us see social media as the ENDS, not the MEANS.

Social media is best as an amplification tool.

It should follow, not lead.

My hot take:

If you want your creative energy to grow your business/influence, you need to be creating a body of work. 

This can look many ways.

A book.

A series of podcast episodes.

Articles that build into something. 

A YouTube channel with a collection of videos. 

The key is that you’re not viewing each act of creation in isolation. 

They’re coming together to build a body: something alive and substantial. 

Such a body is best housed somewhere it can easily be collected.

The dandelion fluff of social media posts is not that.

(I’ve had more than one friend lose access to a Facebook account and along with it years’ worth of masterful content. Don’t let this be you.)

You protect a body.

You tend to a body.

You feed a body.

You use it to meet other bodies. 

What would change for you if you started thinking of your creations this way?

Corporally yours,


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