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Decision Grid

This is the best tool I know for getting clear around a decision.

I’ve coached myself and friends through it several times this week, so it’s time to share it with you.

I call it a Decision Grid.


1. Take a piece of scrap paper, divide it into 4 quadrants.

2. Label them “desire for yes,” “fear of yes,” “desire for no,” and “fear of no.” 

Like this:

Screen Shot 2022 02 17 at 9.03.11 PM

3. Use your head, heart, and gut to fill out each of them.

That’s it.

When I do this, I normally can feel where the energy is strongest by the time I finish.

I ask myself, “Am I moving here out of fear/scarcity, or out of excitement/love/trust?”

I try to aim for the latter as much as I can.

Even with scary decisions, if I trust my process is tapping into my higher self/inner wisdom, I know I’ll at least have that to fall back on, no matter how it turns out.

I’ve used this to decide about:

  • Whether to sign a counter-offer on a house and go under contract (I chose no.)
  • Whether to sign up for a $3000 marketing course (I chose yes.)
  • Whether to keep working with a particular client (I chose no.)

Note: Saying no to something I think I “should” say yes is one of the most terrifying and growth-producing things I know how to do in my life.

It’s like launching off a cliff into cold water — a little painful, a lot scary, and usually incredibly invigorating.

It’s what allows space for miracles and grace.

So: Next time you have a decision you’re stuck on, give this a try and let me know how it goes!

PS – I learned this tool — and so much more —  from my teacher Juliet Haines Gaia.

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