Deepest Fear Inventory (Part 2)

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” — Marianne Williamson

The most popular page on my website has no direct connection to marketing.

It’s about a practice I love called Deepest Fear Inventory, and for whatever reason it gets consistent organic search traffic. (I love that. Life is so funny.) 

Today, we’re going to revisit the topic. 


Because a large percentage of you weren’t my readers back in early 2022 when I first sent it, so you missed hearing about this tool I adore.

And even if you heard about it, odds are low you actually took it upon yourself to try the practice. 

(It’s a simple practice, but we humans are brilliant at inertia and resistance and being busy with Other Things.)

Oh and also, because I’M revisiting it. 

As in doing it.

Every day.

I’m revisiting it because I’ve been feeling stuck lately.

See, I sense I’m on the precipice of a big breakthrough in my business.

Clearer offers, a more targeted niche, the possibility to scale without overworking myself.

Many of the pieces are in place. 

For months now, I keep thinking the blast-off is around the corner.

(Spoiler alert: Blast off has not been around any of the corners.)

Clearly, I’m committed to something else.

Note: The easiest way to know what you’re unconsciously committed to is to look around and see what you’re getting.

(Carolyn Elliot Lovewell, from whom I learned Deepest Fear Inventory, says: “Havingness is evidence of wantingness.” 🤯)

With that in mind, I can safely admit:

  • I’m committed to confusion. 
  • I’m committed to staying vague. 
  • I’m committed to what’s familiar and comfortable.
  • I’m committed to NOT blasting off.

Luckily, with awareness comes choice. And I have a tool for this. 

When I SAY I want something but the RESULTS are showing me that another part of me really doesn’t, Deepest Fear Inventory is the practice I turn to. 

I’m not going to give the instructions here, because you can read my previous post about it  for that. 

But I will show you an example.

The video below is day 4 of me doing Deepest Fear Inventory (DFI) on the same topic: my business breakthrough. (Ideally one does it for 10-14 days on a given subject.)

I felt something click in deeper as I did it today; I’ve been adjusting my prompt at the top, and this time I finally honed in on the thing I truly want, but also clearly don’t.

That’s one of the reasons it’s valuable to do this over and over.

Each time I list out 20 reasons I’m scared of getting the thing I say I want, I’m seeing more about my unconscious — and letting those pieces go.

Oh, and be warned: This is not only a raw and vulnerable look into my psyche, but I also have a hoarse sore throat today, so I sound really funny. 

How’s that for authentic?

Devotedly yours,


PS – What big goal are you shooting for this year? How’s it going? Where are you stuck (or not)?

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