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Nurture Email

Here’s a story I see a lot: You’ve heard that email is a good way to reach your audience (it is).

So you put a little form on your website inviting people to sign up for your newsletter.

Maybe those email addresses sit collecting dust.

Or maybe you do something with them!

Every week or month, someone on your team puts together an email blast about what’s going on in your organization.

It kinda works. But not like they said it would.

Here’s the thing.

(Can you handle some tough love?)

No one wants your “newsletter.”

It’s true that email is one of the best ways to connect with your audience.

But you need to EARN the right to show up in their inboxes… and from there, the right to show up in their minds, hearts, and wallets.

Instead of a newsletter, you need a nurture email strategy.

Newsletter are about you.

Nurture emails are about THEM.

How can you deliver value?

How can you build trust?

How can you nurture the relationship so that when their need arises, it’s a no-brainer to buy from you?

THAT’S how email marketing works best.

So… What type of emails can you use to nurture your audience by delivering even more value?

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