Double Opt-In Introduction

Double Opt-In Introduction

Ahh, word of mouth.

Everyone’s favorite way to get new clients.

Nothing like a warm referral in your inbox to keep the lights on without much effort from you (besides delivering a kick-ass experience to your clients, of course.)

And you know one good way to receive more introductions?

Be generous and skillful at GIVING introductions.

(Call it karma, law of attraction, or whatever you want — generosity pays off, I swear.)

Here’s a little piece of introduction etiquette that can help you be even more effective: When you introduce two people, make it a double opt-in.*


  1. Contact each person separately.
  2. Explain who you want to introduce them to and why.
  3. Give them each the chance to consent to being connected.
  4. THEN send the email, text, LinkedIn message, etc. that actually introduces them.

Yes, it’s an extra step for everyone.

But we all like feeling in control of our attention, and our inboxes. 

We’re much more likely to be receptive to what comes our way when we’ve had a chance to say yes or no to it.

And if someone isn’t up for it, you don’t want to be THAT PERSON shoving unwanted info down their throats.

Yay for extra courtesy! Yay for respectful goodwill!

Go forth and introduce beautifully, dear ones.

Consentingly yours,


PS – About a year ago I wrote perhaps my nerdiest post ever, about Earth Holidays and the associated Google Calendar I create and update every year. Given that we just passed my favorite holiday, the Winter Solstice, I figured I’d share it here again. Go check it out if you’re interested in aligning more to the natural cycles of life, or if you just think it would be neat to automatically know about every full moon, new moon, equinox, solstice, and more. I can’t imagine living without it! 😘

*Thanks to my new friend and mentor Dustin Riechmann for giving me a name for this practice I already endorse!

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