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Everyone = No One

Which party would you rather go to?

Option 1: The Everyone Party

“We’re throwing a big party! 

Everyone’s invited! 

We’ll have things everyone likes! 

Crowd-pleasers, here we come!”


Option 2: The Special Someones Party

 “We’re throwing an exclusive party! 

It’s just for people like you, who are obsessed with your favorite obsession! 

We’ll have super-inside jokes that only people like us get!

And party favors that only people who love what we all love will appreciate!”

Which do you think will probably be more fun? 

The kind of party you’ll remember, invite your friends to, and put on your calendar for next year?


Make your marketing like party #2 by being really clear on who you serve.

Please, please don’t fall into the trap of talking to “everyone.” 

Because everyone = no one.

PS – Don’t forget: You also get to choose a group of “special someones” to serve whom you actually like. In other words: Spend your business/work energy throwing a super-exclusive party you’ll truly enjoy. (Metaphorically.) (Or literally. Why not?)

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