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Precious substance. 

Small hole to pour it into. 

There’s gotta be a tool to make that easier, right?

When I think of funnels, I think of my little yellow plastic friend that helped me get my liquid camping fuel into my camp stove for years.

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With its help, my aim didn’t need to be quite so precise.

Bonus: What ended up in the bottle was prefiltered a little bit.

If you know anything about marketing, you’ve probably heard the word “Funnel.”

It can sound sleazy or complex or overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be.

See, in marketing, a funnel acts kind of the same way as my little yellow plastic pal.

But instead of white gas, what it’s guiding is attention.

The “hole” we’re trying to get the “liquid” into is your business.

Once someone pays for one of your products and becomes a customer, the funnel has succeeded.

But trying to get people to become a paying customer the first time you meet them is like trying to aim a big jug of flammable gas at a tiny opening: Messy and often disappointing.

Like a real-life physical funnel, a marketing funnel creates a wider target. 

(In this case, for people’s attention.) 

You can meet someone a few inches to the left of where they’re ready to become a customer, and still manage to catch their energy and direct it where you want it.

So how do you do this?

By creating valuable, interesting content that builds trust and leads people to that bottle opening (AKA becoming your customer) over a longer period of time.

And how do you do THAT?

Lead magnets and email series.

If I explained all the details right now, this email would turn into a chapter book.

So instead I will point you towards an amazing and affordable offer that friend of the list and former StoryBrand guide Jeff Felton is making right now.

It’s a 3-week workshop called Founder’s First Funnel. 

For just $597, he will guide you into creating — and LAUNCHING — a lead magnet and welcome email sequence that is “better than 99% of all the stuff out there.” 

(For comparison, to have me do this for you would cost around 10x that price.)

I’ve been on Jeff’s email list for years, and I’m always impressed with the great value he creates. 

And I know that many of y’all on THIS list aren’t in a position to shell out to have me create these things for you. 

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to have them. (I do. I do want you to have them.)

So I’m sending you to Jeff, because I truly believe he can help some folks I can’t right now.

Who is this for?

  • Service-based brand
  • At least 1 proven offer in the market (meaning people do buy the thing you sell)
  • Established (not necessarily large) presence on social media
  • Willingness / flexibility to put in the hours over the 2 weeks of the cohort
  • Ready to invest $597 for the cohort

Curious? Go check out the program here. The journey begins June 26th.

Because pouring is hard. We all deserve better tools.

Flowingly yours,


PS – My friend Jeff is running an awesome workshop to help solopreneurs build AND launch a lead magnet funnel that sells while you sleep, create, or coach….or sip margaritas on the beach. Get the scoop here!

PPS – If you do sign up, tell Jeff I sent you. He has generously agreed to give me a small referral bonus for anyone I send his way — but that was AFTER I decided y’all needed to hear about this workshop and NOT my motivation for telling you about it.

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