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I Statements

The executive on stage was telling a deeply personal story.

Heart attack, almost didn’t make it, fear of death, everything changed. 

And yet, instead of being rapt by his vulnerability, I was annoyed.

He kept saying “You.” 😠

As in, “When you almost die, it really puts things in perspective.”

And, “You feel nervous. You feel scared.”

This is an incredibly normal way to speak.

And I can’t stand it.

See, about 5 years ago, I attended a workshop led by Dr. Hazel Grace Yates. 

This woman literally has a Ph.D. in creating intimacy. 

For many years, her flagship work involved hosting sharing circles in which people speak about typically private experiences while being held in witness by a circle of the opposite gender.

It’s deep, edgy work.

And as part of setting a container for the process, she helped us see something I haven’t ever been able to unsee: “I” statements invite intimacy; generic “you” statements are a way to avoid it.

Do you notice a difference?

  • “You get in a car accident and life falls apart” 
  • “I got in a car accident and life fell apart.”
  • “You can’t control what other people do.”
  • “I can’t control what other people do.”
  • “When you have a baby, everything changes.”
  • “When I had a baby, everything changed.”

The “you” statement keeps the topic at arm’s length, skittering across the surface of connection.

Changing “you” to “I” brings the general into the specific. It opens a door. I literally feel it differently in my chest.

I invite you to play with this as an exercise.

  1. Find a friend to be your listener.
  2. Set a timer, and spend 1 minute talking about something that happened to you this week — using “you” statements.
  3. Speak about the same topic for another minute, this time using “I” statements. 
  4. Switch roles — now your friend does steps 2 & 3, and you listen.
  5. Notice. Discuss.

I honestly can’t think of a 5-minute exercise that has made a bigger difference in how I relate with the world.

Let me know if you try it?



PS – Sorry not sorry if you end up annoyed everytime you hear the generic “you” statements from now on…

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