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The other day at a restaurant, I couldn’t decide between two dishes that both seemed good. 

I put my finger on the menu on the descriptions of each of them, and noticed what happened in my body.

With one, I felt dullness.

With the other, a fizzy lightness.

I ordered the food that made me feel fizzy with my finger on the description.

Did I have any logical, rational evidence that I would enjoy that dish more? Definitely not.

But I enjoy using my intuition — the wisdom in my body, beyond my logical mind — to make all kinds of decisions, large or small. 

Until about 5 year ago, I never would have described myself as an intuitive person.

Now it’s a core way I move through the world. 

I use my intuition to feel what words are right for a tagline.

To decide what new projects to take on (or not).

To choose what time to meet with someone.

And, of course, to order what I want for lunch.

For LOTS more about how I cultivated my intuition and some of the mysterious places it has taken me, check out this Flourish Entrepreneur podcast interview with me that just aired recently. (Listen on Itunes or Spotify.)

The fabulous Aleya Harris and I talked about intuition, wandering, and how to be with the unknown, among other things. 

As I listened back to our conversation, I felt super proud of how it came out. Would love for you to give it a listen.

When have you listened to your intuition recently? Hit reply and let me know.

PS – Want to sharpen your intuition? The guided Whole Body Yes exercise from the Conscious Leadership Group is a great place to start.

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