Copy of magic words of the week Rest

Is this your missing ingredient?

I’ve got COVID right now.
It’s humbling.
Things I meant to do I can’t.
Things that normally feel simple don’t.

And once again, it’s a strong reminder from life that REST is just as important as DOING.

Nature doesn’t just go, go, go.
For every noon there’s a midnight.
For every full moon, we live a night of darkness two weeks later.
Every summer has its winter.
Every bloom leads to decay.

Our culture is much better at honoring the starting and sustaining of things than the pausing and stopping.

But anyone who’s ever trained for a big race knows how crucial rest is to growth.

I’m resting A LOT this week.
More than is comfortable.

And I’m having to trust that this too shall pass. That more abundance may come on the other side.  And that in the meantime, this time of rest is exactly perfect.

How could your life and business benefit from more rest (before life forces you into it)?

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