Let it be easy

Let it Be Easy

There’s a hidden belief that runs through a lot of modern culture.

It goes something like this: “Work has to be hard to be valuable.”

Sure, pushing yourself, climbing mountains, achieving goals — that IS hard. 

And it CAN be valuable.

But that doesn’t make the converse true: That ONLY hard things are valuable.

Yet so often we get caught in that trap. 

It’s one of the reasons it can be so hard to spot one’s own Zones of Genius: The things we’re best at often feel so flowy, pleasurable, and good that we don’t realize they’re worth something at all. 

But I’m here to remind you: Easy can be worthwhile.

We compliment a great musician, a beautiful dancer, or a masterful athlete by pointing out that “they made it look easy.”

Can you trust your own mastery?

Can you get out of the way of flow?

Can you stop making things complicated just because you equate your worth with your suffering?

Can you let go of the perfectionism that keeps the simple way from being good enough?

Whatever’s stressing you out, right in this moment, consider: 

What if you let it be easy?

Gracefully yours,


PS – What’s the best tip or trick you’ve learned in the last few weeks? About anything — marketing, business, creativity, writing, laundry, whatever! I wanna know!

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