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Offer Cure

No matter how good your marketing is, you can’t sell something people don’t want to buy.

I wrote a lot about this last summer in my posts about Offers and Validation.

Basically, you need to craft offers that actually appeal to people, before you invest a ton in figuring out how to talk about them. 

So how do you actually do this?

The absolute best guidance I’ve found on this topic comes in a $37 on-demand class called the Offer Cure,* from Kathy and Julie, the gals at Funnel Gorgeous.** 

Offer Cure is a really smart framework to create irresistible offers, especially for digital products like courses or ebooks. It also works for memberships, coaching, services, etc.

The class is short, clear, and packed with really valuable information. You can get through it in an afternoon.

It also comes with one of the best, most accessible sales page templates I’ve ever seen.

I’ve recommended it to lots of people, and most are so grateful to find it. 

If it sounds AT ALL like something you might like…then check it out now

Because I just found out they’re about to stop selling it for a few months while they refresh it.

This is your last chance to get it for that $37 price. If you buy now, you’ll get access to the sexy new updates, too.

I don’t sell you stuff in these emails very often. (Heck, a few weeks ago, I was giving books away.) So please trust that I really believe that the Offer Cure is worth your money, if you ever want to create great offers online.

Enthusiastically yours,


PS – Want a taste of the type of info you’ll get? Here’s a video of Julie explaining some of the elements of an irresistible offer

*Full disclosure: As an affiliate, I will get something like $11 if you purchase using these links

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