“There are no mistakes when you’re playing . And if you stay curious , you’re always learning something, even if it’s not what you’re looking for.” —Kasia Urbaniak 

Remember when you were five or seven or 13 or 34 and you were just messing around and making stuff up?

That time your friend chased you around on his hands and knees while you had to vacuum the basement and instead of it being a frustrating chore it became the highlight of your day?

Remember a box of Legos in front of you and a sense of endless possibility?

Play is magical.

It’s a key ingredient in innovation.

It’s self-fulfillingly good. 

Doesn’t matter what the outcome was, it was worth it anyway.

You want serious joy and abundance in your business?

Start playing more.

Don’t like the game? 

Find one that feels better.

It’s your life.

Joyfully yours,


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