I’m on a self-created creativity retreat in Costa Rica, so I’m going to keep this one short. 

Perhaps the biggest thing I’m practicing here is the art of chilling out.

This is harder than it sounds.

I firmly believe that creativity flows best when I’m in a relaxed state — open, curious, playful, and rested into the back of my body. 

And yet again and again, I keep noticing myself leaning forward, tensing up, grasping for something.

As I’m bringing more awareness to the role of relaxation in inspiration, I’m noticing just how often I fall into that opposite pattern.

Just now, as I typed that last sentence, I became aware that I was leaning forward, clenching my jaw, and tensing my stomach.

It’s like my body thinks there’s some crisis it needs to be ready for. 

(There’s not. But can you imagine it? The great Weekly Email Crisis of 2023. Thousands were injured. I jest.)

When I noticed my tension, I took a deeper breath and relaxed. 

And the words flowed more easily. 

More playfully.

Probably more impactfully. 

I offer you the advice I keep giving myself, again and again (and again and again and again): Relax. 

You’re safe.

You’ve got this.




Evolvingly yours,


PS – What’s your favorite book or other resource about creativity? I’m creating a reading list for myself.

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