Save Your Chi

Save Your Chi

“Exactly what time should I schedule this email blast for?” asked one client this week.

“I want to start posting on LinkedIn,” said another. “I’ve heard the algorithm wants me to do XYZ to maximize my reach.”

Look, here’s the thing: I’m not going to say this stuff doesn’t matter. 

There are some behaviors the algorithms reward more than others.

There are times of the week people check their email more reliably.

It might be worth your while to have a basic, common-sense understanding of this stuff so you’re not making any glaring blunders.

And if you’ve got a well-oiled marketing and content machine in place, optimization is a great idea.

But for most of the people I support…

Your business success does not depend on optimizing the technical details.

You only have so much chi — juice, life force, energy — to put towards this element of customer attraction (or anything else in your life, for that matter). 

And if you’re a high-ticket service provider, it’s not like you have to reach a million people to fill your client load. 

Please don’t over-emphasize this part of your success path. 

I hate to have the tech moguls making any of us a puppet with our attention any more than they already do.

Let’s start with the low-hanging fruit, please. 🍇🍉🍊

What are the things you’re reasonably certain will make a difference in being visible to the people you most want to serve?

Quality over quantity.

Sustainability over perfection.

👉 With LinkedIn, for example, if you’re struggling to post consistently, start with that. 

> Say SOMETHING every day for a month.

> Figure out what you enjoy talking about.

> Figure out what people seem to like hearing. 

👉 With your emails, care most about delivering valuable content that you enjoy creating and at a pace that works for your life.

As for all these little details and hacks that threaten to break your brain… 

Here’s a rule of thumb:

Forget “optimal.” 

Do something reasonable. 

Save your chi for creativity that brings you alive.


Protectively yours,


PS – I completely failed to tell you about this during his launch sale a few weeks ago (sorry!), but friend of the list Jeff Felten just released an excellent new course and template bundle* designed to help you create a Welcome Email Series that really works. 

He and I agree: success is all about building trust, and this is a great way to do that. 

I charge $3000+ to write a series like this for people; Jeff’s course helps you do it yourself for $249. (And if you buy, I’m happy to give you a 15-minute consult or edit for free.) Check it out!
*Affiliate link; I will earn a commission if you buy using this link. I only recommend stuff I believe in.

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