Sell ‘Em What They Want

Sell ‘Em What They Want

You can’t create desire.

That’s like a sailor trying to create wind.

Doesn’t work.

Don’t bother.

Bad business plan, bad marketing plan.

Luckily, you don’t need to.

Desire is everywhere, streaming all around us all the time.

It’s one of the core forces of the universe.

Your job? 

Be the sailor. Harness it to move you somewhere.

That means, when you’re trying to sell something: You gotta pay attention to what people already want and care about. 

You might know better.

You might know some true, important, wise things about what people actually NEED that they themselves don’t know.

Good luck trying to sell that. 

Instead: Promise a transformation people want.

Once you’ve got them enrolled, then you’re welcome to give the people what they need to get there.

For example: No one really wants an airplane ride, or safety information cards in the seatback pocket, or oxygen masks that come down in the event of loss of cabin pressure. 

But plenty of people want a tropical escape or great times with family or to do business in person; and a plane is a great way to get there. 

To ride on a plane, you need those other things.

No one’s selling them to you. They just come with the experience.

Another example: My colleague Dustin sells a 90-day group program to teach people Profitable Podcast Guesting

That’s what people want (and boy, do they want it.)

He doesn’t talk all that much about how a 3-year vision for your life and business is a core part of that, as is a decent offer and lead generator, etc. 

It’s not like he’s hiding anything about the program in a sleazy way when he doesn’t talk about that stuff (unless you ask). 

It’s not a bait and switch.

He’s just focusing on selling ‘em what they want, and then giving ‘em what they need.

So: Go look at your website, go look at your social posts, go look at your program descriptions.

Are you setting your sails into the wind and selling an outcome people already want?

Or are you trying to conjure desire and convince them of something they need? 

If it’s the latter, what’s the yummy reason anyone should bother with the thing you know they need?

Desirously yours,


PS – Does the profitable podcast guesting idea hit a desire vein in you? I’ve been through Dustin’s program, am peer coaching his current cohort, and am available 1:1 to help you get on podcasts (or I’ll send you over to him if the Accelerator format is right for you). Hit reply if you’re curious and we’ll talk next steps.

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