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Sell Twice

“Good marketing can sell once, but only a good product can sell twice.

In the long run, your performance reverts to the value you provide.” —James Clear

Acquiring new customers is essential. 

But for many businesses, keeping the old ones around is even more important.

So why do so few businesses invest in customer delight to the same degree they invest in customer acquisition?

Once someone has spent money with you (even just $1), it’s VASTLY easier to get them to buy again.

Assuming you’re doing a good job delivering value, these are now people who already know you and trust you. 

If you want to expand your business, consider how you might sell again to previous customers, rather than chasing new ones.

Need some inspiration? Check out the book “Never Lose A Customer Again” by Joey Coleman for step-by-step guidance on how to perform well at all stages of the customer journey. 

Or just send your best customer a thoughtful token of appreciation today.

PS – The value of client retention is hard to overstate. I just did the math over here: So far in 2022, 89% of my revenue has come from repeat business. 🤯

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