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Start With Who

Your skills likely have the potential to help a vast range of people.

Possibly even “all humans.” 

But marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.

It’s just how human brains work. 

If I tell you “I help businesses write clearly to their customers,” you’re probably not going to suddenly think of a business that needs that.

But if I tell you that “I help life coaches be more referable by writing them websites that hit their ideal clients right in the gut,” we’re getting closer.  You might actually think of a life coach who needs that.

So if you’re struggling to figure out exactly how to sell what you offer, start with this question:

Who do you care most about helping?

Business is most fun when you’re deeply enjoying the people you spend time with, and deeply satisfied about the results you get for them.

Might as well bake that into the system from the start. 

Secondary questions that are good to ask before you run too far with a particular Who:

→ Do your skills actually solve a problem for these people?

→ Is this a problem they care about fixing enough to spend money on it?

If not, find another Who.

But Who first. 

Relationally yours,


PS – I almost didn’t write something fresh today. You almost got a rerun of “Forget Marketing,” from April 2023. It still holds up. If you want more, related inspiration, go (re)read it.

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