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Struggling to change? You’re not alone.

Change is inevitable. It’s the only constant in life.

But when trying to create a change on purpose in our lives, we often run into resistance. 

We say we want change — whether it’s losing weight, starting a new exercise program, launching our business, working less, etc. But in practice, we don’t. Our results stay the same despite what we say we want. 

My mentors at The Conscious Leadership group have a simple, powerful formula that helps make sense of this phenomenon. They call it the change formula: 

(Vision * Dissatisfaction) + First Steps  >  Resistance = Change

CLG posts Change Formula

Let’s unpack it part by part:

Vision — One way to motivate change is by having a powerful vision of the future you want to see. To amplify your likelihood of change, take time to really paint the details of the exquisite future you’d like to create. Help it come alive. Journal about it. Make vision boards. Picture how it will smell, taste, sound, feel, and look when this vision has come true. The more alive and vibrant your vision, the more juice it has.

Dissatisfaction — Another powerful force to motivate change is dissatisfaction with the current situation. The less you numb yourself to the cost of the current reality, the more likely you are to make a change. You’d even do well to amplify your dissatisfaction with the status quo. What is it REALLY costing you to stay the same? How can you make that cost even more blatantly obvious to yourself? Facing your dissatisfaction with the status quo, again and again until you can’t stand it, is a huge way to motivate change.

First Steps — This is the actual HOW of change. What is that you need to do differently? Obviously these concrete actions are very important. But in the Change Formula, they’re less important than the Vision and Dissatisfaction — the WHY of change. Still, you need these steps to start moving. 

Resistance — People are resistant to change.  It’s only when the vision and dissatisfaction, plus the first steps, are stronger than the resistance that change will happen. 

 As the Conscious Leadership Group says, 

“Resistance to change is the human condition. Change is almost always about letting go of the known and stepping into the unknown. It is risking releasing all that is familiar and stepping fully into the unfamiliar. Change is about letting go of control.” 

So — what changes are you trying to make in your life? 

How can the change formula help you get over your resistance?

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