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Taste Like Something

Today’s wisdom comes from Louis Grenier, founder of Everyone Hates Marketers and author of the excellent Stand the F*ck Out newsletter.

“If you taste like water, you taste like nothing. 

If you’re watered down, if you’re just like everyone else, you’re forgettable.

As small business owners, we can’t afford to be forgettable.

We don’t have many resources.

Every single interaction counts.

And so we need to do whatever gives us the highest chance of being noticed and remembered even if people aren’t in buying mode.”

(Read the full — long — article here. It’s not online, so that’s a link to see the actual newsletter email he sent me a few months ago.)

Louis has tons of advice on how to be different. If this is really where you want to focus in a big way, start following him.

For the rest of us, I take this to mean: Be real. Be yourself.

Because we’re each already different.

We DO taste like something.

Many of us are just reluctant or hesitant to show that in our work.

We think there’s a way we’re supposed to look or talk or show up in order to be “professional” (more on that another time).

And so we become less ourselves, and in the process, less delicious.

Where can you let your authentic flavor bloom today?

Deliciously yours,


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