Collecting Testimonials


“Can I trust you?”

“Will this actually solve my problem?”

“What results can I really expect?”

Those are the types of questions running through your potential clients’ minds when they’re thinking about hiring you. 

And while you can talk all day about how great you are, it’s more convincing to hear it from someone else.

Enter, The Testimonial. 

The best testimonials:

  • Come from people your potential clients already look up to and trust (i.e. industry leaders, big-name companies). This isn’t always possible, but jump on it when it is!
  • Share a story about a tangible transformation
  • Are about THEM (the customer) more than they’re about YOU (the provider)
  • Include specific details
  • Are short, sweet, and easy to read or watch

The more you can make collecting and sharing testimonials a habit, the more you’ll build consistent social proof that helps people say yes to working with you. 

Boom. Awesome.

But there’s another reason testimonials are amazing and important: They help YOU understand what matters about what you do. 

This came alive for me this week during a check-in call with a coach I’d written a website for earlier this year. 

He hasn’t launched the site yet, so he doesn’t have any clear business results from our efforts together.

Even so, he was able to articulate how our work together made a difference for him.

He told me he felt “relaxed” and “like himself” when showing the new site draft to a friend.

His old site had him cringing. He felt embarrassed to send it to people.

He hasn’t made a single dollar back from his investment in working with me — yet. 

But he’s already feeling an important benefit in his own relationship with his work.

His business FEELS better to him.

And that changes how he can show up and put himself forward.

I’ll likely be featuring a testimonial from him soon, on my website or on my social media.

But in the meantime, I got valuable insight about what difference I make for people.

And that helps me know how to make that difference even more.

Go forth, collect, and prosper!

Authentically yours,


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