The Dig Live Workshop June 18-20, 2024 with Erin Weed

The Dig

You very nearly didn’t get any email from me this week. 

I’m heading out of town and rather overwhelmed, and heck, I don’t have to send one, actually.

But then I remembered this awesome event I wanted to make sure you know about, so I rallied, and here you are.

The Dig Live Workshop June 18-20, 2024 with Erin Weed

The Dig® is a method a friend of mine developed to unearth your purpose and distill it down to one powerful word.

She’s an amazing facilitator and has taken hundreds of people through this method over more than a decade. 

I’ve done other workshops with her, and dreamed of doing a Dig since I first heard about it in 2016.

Normally, it’s a private, several-day process that cost $5k last time I checked. 

Now, she’s bringing it to a 3-day online workshop (just 3 hours a day) for $750.

I wish I could join, but I’ll be off-grid while it’s happening next week. 

I highly recommend and endorse Erin, and if you register with the code ZURER, you’ll get 10% off. (I’ll also get a little referral fee; I would have recommended this either way).

Why do people do The Dig®?

  1. To align with and amplify your life purpose

  2. To identify and own your unique superpowers

  3. To simplify and express your authentic message

Have at it, my brilliant Magic Words of the Week peeps! Lmk if you join, I’ll be envious!



PS – Use code ZURER to get 10% off my friend Erin’s  3-day online workshop to discover the ONE WORD that summarizes your life purpose. Talk about clarity! It starts Tuesday.

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