magic words of the week - magnetism

The Price of Being Attractive


mag·net·ism • /ˈmaɡnəˌtizəm/ •  noun

  1. a physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, resulting in attractive and repulsive forces between objects.
  2. the ability to attract and charm people. 

Magnetism is a mysterious, fascinating force. As a child, I delighted in feeling two magnets push each other away. The power was palpable; seductive. Invisible yet undeniably real.

These days, I often use the word “magnetism” in the context of my work. I want your business to be magnetic. 

I want a force that feels mysterious to attract the perfect people towards you, seemingly without effort.

Most people are on board for that. 

Harder to embrace: That same force should, by definition, push unaligned people away. 

Are you willing to get so clear in your energy and language that some people go flying the opposite direction? 

If not: What are you afraid of?

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