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The Problem

“The problem must become big, bright, and clear if you want people to get excited by the solution.” -Daniel Priestly, Oversubscribed

People don’t spend money to fix something that isn’t bothering them. 

So if you want people to spend money with you, it’s a good idea to remind them of why they might want to.

For example: 

If you sell…The problem you solve may be…
Custom window treatmentsFiguring out what window treatments you need is complicated and frustrating and it’s easy to mess it up
Delicious non-dairy ice creamMost non-dairy ice cream tastes terrible and is full of chemicals
Energy healingPeople feel drained and anxious a lot of the time
Estate planningPoorly planned estates can leave a huge mess for your loved ones
Messaging servicesIt’s hard to describe what you do in a way that magnetizes clients

And so on.

Many business owners aren’t used to talking or thinking this way. 

But I promise: People will be more interested in your solution if you talk about the problem before you talk about what you do.

So: What’s the problem or pain point that most of your customers face before coming to you? 

What do they struggle with, wish, need, or feel?



PS – A good way to think about answering this question is to start with the phrase… “You know how….?”  

“You know how most non-dairy ice cream is all icy and bland?”

“You know how even smart, capable people have a hard time describing what they do?” 

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