Use their words

Use Their Words

Mind-readers are probably really good marketers.

Because the best marketing and messaging lets you join the conversation already happening in your ideal client’s head. 

An amazing sales page or email might have your prospect saying, “Holy cow, did they bug my shower?”

Note: Don’t do that. Way creepy.

Instead, a good way to help create that FEELING, without any shady tactics, is to listen carefully to how your ideal potential clients talk.

You can do this by listening deeply on your sales calls. 

By being a fly on the wall in Facebook groups.

By jotting down notes at cocktail parties (if you hang out and drink cocktails with people who suffer from the problems you solve).

If you solve a problem you once suffered from yourself, you can read your own past diaries/journals.

Listen to your clients as you first start working with them.

Then: Use. Their. Words. 

You might be tempted to summarize or reframe.

Don’t. (Within reason.)

For example: A relationship coach I know was working on a messaging exercise. 

“People say their marriage feels like ships passing in the night,” she said. “I would describe that as ‘disconnected,’ but that’s not what they say.”

33 bonus points if you can guess what words I advised her to use.

Specifically yours,


PS – This kind of research is so valuable it has a fancy name (“voice of customer research”) and people pay me good money to do it for them. If you’re a coach or healer feeling frustrated about how your online presence doesn’t really represent what you do, we can fix that (and you’ll unlock confidence and momentum). Let’s chat.

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