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What If I Felt Safe?

I happened upon a question recently that seems to have magical powers. 

I was in a tiff with my partner, feeling defensive and righteous.

Deep down, I wanted closeness and connection. (Don’t I always? Don’t we all?)

And yet I watched as my choices seemed to be creating the opposite. 

We were spiraling.

Luckily, I had the presence of mind to pause, pull out my trusty Decomposition Book, and take 15 minutes for my Morning Pages journaling practice. (More on that another time.)

As I let my mind rant and spew, the magical question bubbled its way through my swamp of ill-will and settled gently on the surface of the page:

“What would I choose if I felt safe?”

I didn’t feel safe, mind you. 

I mean, rationally, I was totally safe in that moment, sitting in my nice house with a kind human who cares about me deeply. 

But my inner alarm bells were blaring danger and I wanted to hide under a rock.

“But what if I felt safe?” The wise voice in my head persisted in its wondering.

I felt my jaw relax a little. 

I began to see and feel the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the CRISIS I was defending myself against was more like a mosquito bite than a bullet wound.

As I sat with it a bit longer, I began to feel my authentic urge to move towards my loved one with kindness and care for their pain, instead of guarding myself behind mine

I finished writing, and did something different: I reached.

It was uncomfortable.

I had to keep repeating the question over and over and over to myself.

But by golly, it absolutely created the results I wanted — and quickly. 

Within probably 30 minutes, we both felt much better, and much closer.

I found my capacity to have a simple conversation about what I wanted to change.

It worked that day to repair closeness in an intimate relationship.

And it worked just now inspire creativity and overcome procrastination. 

I was sitting on a plane, much delayed, lost in reading old emails and generally not making deliberate choices about where to put my attention. 

“What would I choose if I felt safe?” I wondered.

And boom. Suddenly the idea of writing my weekly email (THIS EMAIL!) felt so inspiring that I put my tray table down early to make it so. (shhhh…)

Me and this question are just getting to know each other, but I feel pretty sure it’s a winner. 

Maybe you can help me test-drive it and prove it out?

I will leave you with this, and I would love a real reply: “What would you choose right now if you felt safe?”

All yours,


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