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“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom,” said Socrates.

It’s something we’re all naturally great at as babies and children.

Staring in awe at the light on the ceiling.

Asking a zillion “why” questions without a particular point.

Genuinely getting curious about “What if.”

It’s also something that’s hard for many of us to hold onto as we grow up.

Answers start to seem better than questions.

We get very rewarded for “figuring it out.”

Wonder takes spacious time; it’s not always compatible with an obsession with productivity.

I’d like to take this moment to invite us to give wonder a more revered place in our lives.

I’m partly inspired by a book my friend Jack has on his coffee table: The Secret Language of Birthdays.

Turns out my birthday, July 9, is The Day of Wonder. 

Wonder is my destiny, it seems. And since my birthday is imminent, I’m happy to share it with you.

Secondly, I’ve been reading Gay Hendricks’ book The Genius Zone.

 And I happened upon this gem of a section this week:

“The essence of true creativity is genuine wonder. Wonder is when your mind is roaming freely, unshackled from criticism, with total permission to play as it pleases. 

Wonder is the mind at play. By improving your skills at wondering, you can eventually turn your mind into a spacious playground. …

There’s a specific type of question that propels the wonder machinery of your mind into action. I call them wonder-questions, and I consider them one of the great treasures of the mind. Wonder-questions are a largely untapped resource that facilitate living in your genius….

A wonder-question has no right answer to it. It might inspire a dozen answers, each one a path worth exploring.

A wonder-question takes you to infinity. [For example,] there is no limit to the question of what you most passionately want to learn. There is something you passionately want to learn right now, and there may be thousands more on your earthly journey.

A wonder-question is like launching a kite into the air to play in the wind. To have the most fun, you have to let the kite be free to dance with the to-and-fro of the wind currents.

In my early years, I thought there was a right answer for every question. As I matured, I realized that most of life’s biggest questions don’t have right answers at all. I found ultimately that life gets really interesting only when I wonder about everything, especially the stuff I thought I knew. One of our employees has a bumper stick with an insightful observation on it: If you’re not in a constant state of awe, you’re not paying attention. My sentiments, exactly.”

So, my friends, what are you wondering about right now?

What questions are tugging at you? Could you bring more of a sense of freedom, play, and awe into the whole situation?

What has wonder done lately for you?

Curiously yours,


PS – I’m wondering about what the next iteration of my business will look like! More on that next week, most likely…

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