Word of the year

Word Of The Year

It’s that magical slow week when most people aren’t working and your inbox is quiet. 🤫

Far be it from me to disturb you too much.

But if you want a fun and meaningful little project to dip into as the Gregorian calendar turns the corner, may I recommend you put some time into picking a Word Of The Year for 2024?

I was first introduced to this practice in late 2020 by a yoga teacher / self-care expert friend of mine.

She pointed me to a lovely Word Of The Year resource a British woman named Susannah Conway makes available for free every year (going on 16 now!) 

[Note: She requires joining her email list to download the workbook and another sweet end-of-year practice she creates. You can unsubscribe any time and I get nothing for you doing this.]

It’s such a delightful practice to put some creative intention and energy into summarizing what will support you for the next trip around the sun. 

I don’t remember my word for 2021. 🤦‍♀️ 

I do know that 2022 was EROS (it worked ❤️‍🔥) and 2023 has been SAFE.

I haven’t started the process for 2024 as of writing this, so you’ll have to wait to hear what I choose. 

(Two strong contenders are TRUST and POWER. But who knows, something could come out of left field!) 

You definitely don’t need any kind of fancy process to do this. You can just declare a word and be done.

And yet I love the way Susannah guides me to consider the topic from different angles, over the course of 5 days. 

She starts with a guided meditation to visualize my perfect day. 

The other prompts involve coloring, dictionary research, and more. 

It takes about 10 minutes a day, and at the end, I’ve always felt confident putting on the mantle of the theme I’ve chosen.

Why bother?

I believe in the power of intention. 

And in the power of language.

My house is covered in inspirational Post-it notes I make for myself, with words or phrases reminding me of ideas I want to practice being more aware of.

A word of the year is like a little mental Post-it note. 

It brings me back to center when I falter.

It sets a direction.

It’s a spell invoking something I want to be true. (Or something that already IS true but that I want to be more aware of.)

It’s a stake in the ground.

It’s a flare sent up to the Universe, saying: More THIS please.

That’s why I bother. 

(Also I’m pretty obsessed with words. It’s highly on-brand. 😹)

Give it a whirl if it speaks to you?

Still safely yours,


PS – Have you ever chosen a Word of the Year before? What was it? What difference did it make for you? What did you pick for 2024?!?!?

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