mwotw wu wei

Wu Wei

“Don’t push the river; it flows by itself.” — Proverb

They say less is more.

What if you didn’t need to try so hard?

What if relaxing were the key to receiving?

Taoism has a word for this: Wu Wei. 

It literally means “no action.”

I understand it as, “To be in flow with the invisible rivers of life.”

That’s how I first heard it explained, by modern shaman Rachel White, on the Simply Be podcast a while ago.

“All of your best opportunities come from following joy and being present,” Rachel said. 

I have found this to be true in my life, and my business. 

I’m learning to trust it even more.

Here’s the thing: We are not in charge here, on this funny little rock spinning in space.

What if that’s a feature, not a bug?

Philosophically yours,


PS – In addition to this word I picked up from that podcast, I’ve also been using Rachel White’s incredible Totem Tarot deck almost daily since then. I get nothing if you buy it, but I love it so I’m sharing in case you might love it too. It’s gift season, after all. 

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