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Zone of Genius

We often think of “genius” as a way to describe those very special people who somehow seem smarter than all the rest of us. 

Albert Einstein folk.

But notice: the words “genius” and “genie” share the same root. 

What if, like a magic wish-granting spirit, genius is an energy? A way of being? Something we all have natural, innate access to?

I love the way Gay Hendricks defines genius in his book “The Big Leap” (super recommended read!).

Your genius is what you’re SO great at, what comes so naturally to you, that you’d do it all day for fun. 

You usually don’t notice there’s anything valuable or special about it. 

A fish is a genius at swimming, but probably doesn’t realize it.

On the other hand, Hendricks defines 3 other Zones we can get stuck in.

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High-performers need to especially watch out for that pesky Zone of Excellence: Things you’re actually also great at, but which don’t really bring you alive in the same way. 

Living in your Zone of Genius is a fast track to full of aliveness. 

It’s also kind of terrifying for most of us.

The big first step is just getting willing to know where you are in any moment. And getting curious about shifting that.

So: What Zones have you been in today?

PS – If you want the best specific, practical advice I know on how to live more in your Zone of Genius, check out this blog post from my friends/mentors/clients at the Conscious Leadership Group. 

PPS – Helping people with their business messaging is definitely in my Zone of Genius. That’s how I ended up doing it! My life has been so much more fun ever since I found my way there. Hit reply if you want to hear more or get some help…

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