“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom,” said Socrates. I’d like to take this moment to invite us to give wonder a more revered place in our lives.

The Pace of Pleasure

The pace of pleasure is not the pace of life in this culture. The pace of pleasure isn’t always slow—speed can be totally exhilarating too. But it’s usually slower than we’re usually going.

Same Team

Are you seeing the other person as an adversary? Or are you seeing them as on the same team? In other words: Is there a problem coming between you? Or a problem you’re working together to solve?


Here are some magic words I’ve been reading often the last week or two.
I share for a time when you need them. Honoring Paralysis: A prayer of honoring grief by Pixie Lighthorse.


A true win-for-all business requires good boundaries. A healthy willingness to stand for what WE want, alongside caring about what others want from us.


Integrity is a matter of wholeness. With some practice, it becomes fairly easy to notice when we’re out of integrity.