The Dig

The Dig® is a method a friend of mine developed to unearth your purpose and distill it down to one powerful word. She’s an amazing facilitator and has taken hundreds of people through this method over more than a decade.

The Line of Regret

Below the line of regret, you’re wishing you charged more. Don’t do this to yourself. Be aware this line exists. Feel into it for yourself as you name a price. Take responsibility for staying on the good side of it.

Start With Who

Business is most fun when you’re deeply enjoying the people you spend time with, and deeply satisfied about the results you get for them. Might as well “start with who” and bake that into the system from the start.

Same Team

Are you seeing the other person as an adversary? Or are you seeing them as on the same team? In other words: Is there a problem coming between you? Or a problem you’re working together to solve?

Big Leap Year

Here’s a new book I’ve been loving: Your Big Leap Year, by Gay Hendricks. It’s 365 very simple, manageable, fun daily practices to help you live more and more in your Zone of Genius.


Here are some magic words I’ve been reading often the last week or two.
I share for a time when you need them. Honoring Paralysis: A prayer of honoring grief by Pixie Lighthorse.